Pomegranate Fruit

What is Pomegranate Juice?

If you see pomegranate juice in your grocery store, you may wonder what is pomegranate juice. It has many people talking about it and many say that the pomegranate juice is both healthy and tasty. You can learn what is pomegranate juice below.

What is pomegranate juice?

The pomegranate juice is the juice extracted from the pomegranate fruit. The pomegranate fruit is a bright red fruit with lots of little red sacs inside that contain both the pomegranate juice and the pomegranate seeds. You can extract the pomegranate juice from these sacs and drink.

what is pomegranate juice

You can either extract the pomegranate juice yourself directly from the pomegranate fruit that you buy in a grocery store or you can buy one of many pomegranate juice products that are likely on the juice isle in your grocery store or in the drink section.

Should I extract my own pomegranate juice?

Extracting pomegranate juice is not as easy or simple as extracting orange juice. It takes some work but you will have fresh pomegranate juice that you cannot get by buying pomegranate juice products.

How to extract pomegranate juice?

To extract or squeeze the pomegranate juice out of the sacs of the fruit, you can halve the fruit first and then squeeze with your hand. The pomegranate juice will run through your fingers which may not be so pleasant.

You can also warm the pomegranate fruit in the oven with low setting. Then, roll and squeeze the fruit gently in your hands to loosen the seeds. Then make a hole in the stalk end of the fruit and stand it in a glass to drip. You can squeeze the fruit occasionally as the pomegranate juice drips into the glass.