Pomegranate Fruit

Pomegranite Juice

The pomegranite juice is contained in the tiny sacs inside the pomegranite fruit. Each sac contains great tasting, red pomegranite juice as well as a pomegranite seed. Some people open up the pomegranate fruit just to drink the pomegranate juice whereas others want to eat the pomegranate seeds as well.

How to get the pomegranate juice out of the fruit?

In order to extract the pomegranate juice out of the pomegranate fruit, you can either:

  • cut the fruit in half and squeeze the pom juice out on a lemon squeezer, or
  • scrape out the arils (sacs containing pomegranate juice) in a metal sieve and use a spoon to get the juice out
pomegranite juice

Warning: when attempting to extract pomegranate juice, you need to be gentle. Not only you will lose a large portion of the pomegranate juice if you are not careful and gentle but the juice will not taste as good.

Why does the pomegranate juice taste bitter?

Some people try to extract the pomegranate juice and notice that the juice taste bitter. This is likely because the pomegranate seeds are crushed in the process of juice extracting. The pomegranate juice will taste bitter if the seeds are crushed too much.

What to do if the pomegranate juice taste bitter?

If the pomegranate juice tastes bitter, one solution or remedy is to dissolve some gelatine in water and stir in it. By doing this, you will see a tannin cloud forming. This can be trapped in a sieve.