Pomegranate Fruit

Pomegranate Seeds

Description of Pomegranate Seeds

In each pomegranate fruit, there are a large number of pomegranate seeds. Each pomegranate seed is surrounded by a sac of sweet, red pom juice. This sac of pomegranate juice is called an aril. The pomegranate seeds and the arils are all inside the fruit.

What are arils?

pomegranate seeds

The arils are sacs of pomegranate juice, each containing a pomegranate seed. The arils are embedded in a bitter pith that usually people do not eat. When eating the pomegranate, people discard the skin and pith.

The arils, however, can be used fresh or dried. People use the arils for cooking such as in Indian food or Iranian food.

How many seeds are there in a pomegranate fruit?

There are over 600 seeds in the wild variety of pomegranate fruit.

What are the pith?

The pith are inside the pomegranate fruit, holding the arils. The pith is not edible and should be discarded when eating the fruit.