Pomegranate Fruit

How to Prepare a Pomegranate

Before you start cutting the pomegranate open, you should learn how to prepare a pomegranate. The pomegranate fruit is not the easiest fruit to prepare but there are techniques of how to prepare a pomegranate fruit that will help you.

Peeling vs Cutting the Pomegranate

To start preparing the pomegranate you can either peel it or cut it.

Instructions of how to cute the pomegranate:

  • cut the fruit in half and then
  • scoop out the many pomegranate seeds. You need to be very careful when scooping out the seeds.
  • discard the yellow pith

how to prepare a pomegranate 

Instructions of how to peel the pomegranate:

  • peel the pomegranate like you peel an orange
  • slice off the crown
  • score down the rind
  • peel away the skin in strips to expose the seeds