Pomegranate Fruit

How to Pick a Pomegranate

When you are buying a pomegranate fruit, you can want to learn how to pick a pomegranate that will taste great. To know which pomegranate fruit will be good, sweet and juice, you can look at the color of the fruit, the texture of the skin and how it feels. There will be many pomegranates to choose from at your local grocery stores.

How to choose and buy a pomegranate?

Look at the color

First of all, spot the pomegranate fruit that is as brightly colored as possible. You want to look for a fresh looking, plump and heavy pomegranate. A bright, fresh color often indicates a good pomegranate fruit.

Look at the size and weight

You want to also pick a pomegranate fruit that is large. Large pomegranates will have higher proportion of pulp. You want to also pick one that is heavy because it will have more juice.

Look at the skin

A good pomegranate will have hard, red skin that is shiny and not withered. The skin should not have any blemishes or cracks. The skin is tough but it should be quite thin.

Feel the fruit

Try picking up a pomegranate that you want to buy. Squeeze the brownish crown on top of the pomegranate fruit. It should not be firm but not too soft either. If you see any cloud of powdery puff coming from the crown of the pomegranate fruit, do not pick that one.