Pomegranate Fruit

How to Eat a Pomegranate

Many people wonder how to eat a pomegranate. They are attracted to the health benefits of permanganate so they bought the fruit. However, the pomegranate fruit can be complicated to open and once opened, there are many seeds inside. So, people think that there must be the right way and the easy way of how to eat a pomegranate.

how to eat a pomegranate

Removing the Seeds before eating the fruit

To eat a pomegranate, you can first cut it in half. Then, you will have to pull the seeds from the fruit. Do it slowly. You do not want to crash the red part because that is where the pomegranate juice is.

You do not want to break any red surface of the seeds.

How to extract the pomegranate juice from the fruit?

If you produce the pomegranate fruit by rolling it on a hard surface first, the juice will be easier to extract. You can puncture the end of the pomegranate fruit and just insert a straw to drink the juice inside.

Alternatively, you can squeeze out the pomegranate juice on a lemon squeezer or like you would an orange.