Pomegranate Fruit

Pomegranate Fruit

The pomegranate fruit is an apples sized fruit that is red on the outside. Inside the pomegranate fruit, there are many tiny seeds, the pomegranate seeds. The presence of these little seeds in the pomegranate fruit makes the fruit somewhat hard to eat because you have to pull the seeds from the fruit and it is best done slowly. Most people eat the pomegranate fruit raw but some use in cooking.

pomegranate fruit

Trying Pomegranate Products

If you would like to know what a pom fruit tastes like, there are many pomegranate fruit products on the market. You can try fresh pomegranate fruit, pomegranate desserts, pomegranate fruit juices, pomegranate sauces and syrups.

You can also try the famous pomegranate molasses which are made by boiling down and concentrate the juice.

Picking and Learning to Eat Pomegranate

A very important fact when it comes to eating pomegranate fruit is learning how to eat a pomegranate. Before you learn how to eat a pomegranate, you will need to learn how to pick and buy pomegranate fruit that will taste the best possible.

First you need to look for fresh looking, plump and heavy pomegranate that has a hard, red skin. Choose ones that have bright, vibrant color, see how to choose a pomegranate.

How Big is the Pomegranate Fruit?

The pomegranate fruit is the size of a smallish grapefruit. On top of the pomegranate fruit, there is a crown like part that gives the fruit a regal look.

Color of Pomegranate Fruit

The color of a pomegranatefruit can range from pale pinkish yellow to bright red. The pomegranate fruit keeps well because it has thick skin and is rich in vitamin C.