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This Pomegranate Fruit website provides information on pomegranate fruit, pomegranate juice, pomegranate trees, as well as pomegranate benefits. Our pomegranate juice reviews section provide unbiased reviews of pomegranate products. Most of the pomegranate product reviews can be found in your grocery stores.

Pomegranate or Punica granatum is also known as the Chinese apple. Pomegranates have been used for many centuries in Eastern and Mediterranean countries. Nowadays, pomegranate trees are grown all over the world including in North America. In California, there are big pomegranate farms with pomegranate trees bearing juicy, golden red pomegranate fruit.

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In your local grocery stores, you are likely to find pomegranate fruit in the fall and early Winter. But, you will find pomegranate juice all year round. There are many brands of pomegranate juices. You will also find frozen pomegranates, pomegranate desserts, sauces, syrup, and other pomegranate products. We aim to review all of the pomegranate products in the near future.

There are also many pomegranate research publications that show that the pomegranates are healthy fruits. They are rich in potassium and have decent amount of Vitamin C in them. They are low in calories which also make them great for anyone trying to lose weight.

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